HACCP- Food Safety

HACCP is standa for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Faced with the risk of large-scale toxic infection, the latest food crises, the increased life span of products and the lengthening of the food chain, hypermarkets, supermarkets and certain countries have developed private sector schemes (IFS for the French and Germans, BRC for the British…) based on the HACCP method to guarantee the safety of their own-brand products. But questions soon arose regarding harmonisation via an internationally recognised standard framework that would allow everyone in the food chain, and not just those in the food processing sector, to offer consumers safe products.

The commercial food processor who incorporates HACCP systems in his factory guarantees a number of things:
  • A safe food product - the main reason for HACCP is food safety
  • A precise and efficient operation - HACCP encourages consistent systems and consistency reduces waste and results in cost savings i.e. better bottom line.
  • A confident consumer - the HACCP seal tells the consumer that this product is safe to buy
  • A level playing field - a food product made in Germany with the HACCP seal and the one made in Jamaica with the HACCP seal can compete equally on any supermarket shelf in the world.