ISO 22000

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management

September 1, 2005, published in the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, the world-wide in order to create a safe food production chain created an international standard.

  • Be applied to all food chain.
  • The capability to make the decision easier by providing critical information available to management.
  • Meet the total demands of consumers about food safety.
  • Exports due to the ease of a system that is internationally recognized.
  • Gene product to reduce the risk of collection.
  • Increasing business efficiency and satisfaction of employees.
  • Employees' awareness on hygiene and food safety.
  • Process control to give the documents to prove
  • Who know their obligations seriously and establishment of a professional organization.
  • Reducing the risks of food poisoning, and death.
How does the ISO 22000 standard compare with other food safety standards?

Build your food safety management system based on ISO 22000 and you will benefit from the best of both worlds- a management system approach combined with the best food safety practices. As stated earlier, there are many existing food safety standards, but they vary widely in content, levels, and evaluation. To sell in a global food market, an internationally consistent standard is a benefit to everyone.